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[Paper > International]
[2019] Computational Research on Factors Affecting Particle Velocity in a Vacuum Kinetic Spray Process
Hyungkwon Park, Hansol Kwon, Yeonju Kim, Changhee Lee
Journal of Thermal Spray Technology
[Paper > International]
[2019] Enhancing the deposition capability of Cr3C2?NiCr in kinetic spraying via damage accumulation in feedstock powder
Jaeick Kim, Jaewon Lee, Seungtae Lee, Changhee Lee
Ceramics International
[Paper > International]
[2019] Tribological and Microstructural Properties of Carbon Steel Coatings Fabricated by Wire Arc Spray
Jaewon Lee, Hansol Kwon, Young-gi Kim, Changhee Lee
Metals and Materials International, Published online: 10 July 2019
[Paper > International]
[2019] The importance of intimate inter-crystallite bonding of vacuum kinetic-sprayed Y2O3 coating on plasma erosion property
Hansol Kwon, Yeonju Kim, Hyungkwon Park, Changhee Lee
Surface and Coatings Technology 374(25), 493-499
[Paper > International]
[2019] Consideration of the criteria for successful deposition in cermet kinetic spraying using WC-17Co powder
Jaeick Kim, Seungtae Lee, Changhee Lee
Surface and Coatings Technology 361, 314-323
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