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[2015] Dynamic fragmentation process and fragment microstructure evolution of alumina particles in a vacuum kinetic spraying system
Hyungkwon Park, Jinyoung Kim, Changhee Lee
scripta Materialia 108 (2015) 72?75
[Paper > International]
[2015][Scripta-H. Park] Shock-induced plasticity and fragmentation phenomena during alumina deposition in the vacuum kinetic spraying process
Hyungkwon Park, Juhyuk Kwon, Illjoo Lee, Changhee Lee
scripta Materialia 100 (2015) 44?47
[Paper > International]
[2015][JTST] Microstructure of Kinetic Spray Coatings; A Review
Changhee Lee and Jaeick Kim
Journal of Thermal Spray Technology
[Paper > International]
[2015][ASS-C. Lee] Residual stress and crack initiation in laser clad composite layer with Co-based alloy and WC + NiCr
Changmin Lee, Hyungkwon Park, Jaehong Yoo, Changhee Lee, WanChuck Woo, Sunhong Park
Applied Surface Science
[Paper > International]
[2015][JTST-J. Kim] Deposition of Workability-Enhancing Disposable Thick Fe Deposits on Fe-Si Alloy Sheets Using Thermal and Kinetic Spray Processes

Jaeick Kim, Changhee Lee, and Sanghoon Kim

Journal of Thermal Spray Technology Volume 24(3) 318-327
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